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get unstuck

explore your passion

discover your purpose


Don't ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.


Why Coaching



You're not quite sure where you want to go,

but you don't want to stay where you are...

Your "Why"

You want to discover your life purpose and start living it today...


You're burned out.

You need to recharge, reset, and rekindle your joy.


You're ready to break free from your anxiety and finally stand in your own power and magnificence

Invest in yourself

The average human lives 27,275 days.


Your life is precious and singular: there is NO substitute for you. Together, we will tackle your obstacles and strategise to get you back into action and making the most of each day your life.

Invest in yourself and start living to your fullest potential.



Working with Cat is truly a voyage of discovery. She brings a range of experience and ability which makes each session a revelation...The results are amazing and the journey itself is a transformative experience.

RACHEL, middlesbrough

Honesty, cutting through the bullshit, the level of compassion and empathy that came across even through a screen created such a positive environment I felt I could say anything.

Simon, scotland

Cat is an attentive listener with strategic insight and an intellect born out of her own nature and experiences. Equally able to help you shoot for the stars or bring you down to earth to help you focus on next steps.



"What is coaching?"

To borrow a metaphor about learning how to ride a bike: a mentor will share with you how they learned to ride a bike; a counsellor will help you understand why you cannot ride a bike; and a coach will help you on the bike, hold it steady for you, and cheer you on while you learn to ride. 

"How many sessions do I need?"

I have three programmes you can choose from: a one-off session, a monthly programme, or a full-day workshop that's tailor-made for you. Get in touch and we will design something together that works specifically for you.

Coaching is like fitness for your mind & souI - you get out what you put in. 

"How much does it cost?"

Because each programme individually tailored, costs will vary from person to person.

My hourly rate is £250.00, and we can co-create a payment plan that works for you so you can invest in your own growth and development.





A 2-hour coaching session where we will cover your vision, values, and inner critic. You'll go away with clear actions and the power to make meaningful decisions.

Tree Planting


This monthly programme includes 2 sessions, 4 "panic button" phone calls, unlimited emails and messages*, and a book relevant to your journey.

Perfect for long-lasting change.



The works! A top-to-bottom day designed to be all about YOU, your dreams, what's holding you back, and how to move forward with power, courage, and fun.

edge-of-the-map-coaching (1).png



I've been there.

I know about starting over and about taking risks. I know about competition in the corporate world and finding solace and adventure in the wilderness.


I know about family pain, breakups, regrets, pressure, failure, and the addiction to achievement.


Most of all, I know about the risk of not taking risks.​


Based in London - but originally from New York - I've left behind two careers to pursue my passion for transformational change through coaching.

And I'm still on my way there.


I'm on my own journey to live my most authentic, bravest life and my mission is to help you live yours.


I'm certified by the Co-Active© Training institute - considered the most rigorous, ICF-accredited programme available for professional coaching development. I'm also certified as an ACC by the ICF. 


My dream is for everyone to live on purpose, with open hearts and open minds. I know you can claim your own courage, get unstuck, and start living as your best, most whole self from today.



  • Fierce Courage
    RSVP Closed
    Fri, 27 Mar
    PopHub Leicester Square
    A 1-day workshop limited to 10 places on a first come, first served basis.


We all create mental maps of our lives and our selves.

Over time, you may find yourself comfortably sitting on one "island" feeling stuck, tired, and frustrated. You may tell yourself that leaving your island is impossible, yet you long to discover more in your life and in your self.


My purpose is to help you navigate to the edges of your map and beyond, to reignite your passion, stand in your magnificence, and discover your life purpose.


We will journey together: I will cheer you on, ask powerful questions, hold up a mirror, and offer support as you lean into life-giving change.


You are the captain of your ship, I will help you master your voyage.

draw-your-map (1).png

We'll uncover where you are right now and design where you want to go. You get to build your dream.

brave-storms-and-squalls (1).png

Change means making choices. I'll champion you as you move towards living your best life and break free from the negative thought patterns that are holding you back. 

build-your-compass (1).png

Cultivating fresh perspectives, meeting your bravest self, developing your curiosity, and being willing to play will all serve you on your journey.

discover-your-edges (1).png

What makes you uniquely you? We'll journey to the edges of your known "map", dare to be courageous, and discover your whole, authentic self.

prepare-for-the-journey (2).png

Your values will act as your guiding principles to help you achieve clarity on what to claim in your life and what can be left behind.

master-your-voyage (1).png

Life is a journey that is rich and varied. You'll master leaning into your edges and continue to honour your values 

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